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Heat treatment line comprising walking beam type hardening furnace and Conveyorised Tempering Furnace  for leaf-springs.

These furnaces can be offered either as gas or oil fired, with high level of automation for accurate temperature control. Salient features of continuous line for leaf springs are

Walking Beam Furnace

Walking Beam Furnaces
  • Walking beams of superior alloy grade casting
  • Trouble free & reliable taper wedge mechanism for beam operation
  • Additional preheat zone for effective heat recovery
  • Water sealing arrangement to avoid cold air infiltration
ACE Walking Beam Type Heat- Treat Line For Tubes  

Walking Beam Mechanism ACE In-Line Harening Furnace
Walking Beam Mechanism Being Inspected ACE In-Line Harening Furnace & Quenching Station For Oil Country Tubes

Conveyorized Tempering Furnace

  • Stainless Steel conveyor belt
  • Hot air recirculation blower made of stainless steel for achieving excellent temperature uniformity
  • Indirect heating employing hot air generator
  • Variable conveyor speed by mechanical / electronic drive
Other features and advantages of our lines
  • Very less scaling and decarburization of heat treated parts
  • Very uniform mechanical properties due to uniform heating and accurate process controls
  • Programmable logic controller based automation
  • Designs backed up by in-depth and in-house knowledge of heat treatment
  • Training of customer's staff by our experienced field engineers
Continuous hardening and tempering line for oil country pipes and long bars, comprising walking beam type hardening furnace, in line spray quenching and walking beam type tempering furnace.

For in line end heating of leaf springs we offer walking beam furnace.

Oscillating Roller Hearth, Hardening & Tempering Furnace

We offer Oscillating Roller Hearth type Hardening & Tempering Furnace for hardening of alloy steel bars. These furnaces are offered with integral quenching arrangement. The same equipment can be used for tempering also.

The following are the salient features of these furnaces
  • Very uniform heating of the entire charge
  • Excellent temperature control by PID controllers / PLC based
  • Very fast transfer of charge from furnace to the quenching section, facilitating immediate quenching of charge
  • Ideal furnaces to heat-treat long sections
  • Strategically located quench agitators ensure proper agitation of quench bath
  • Flue gas heat recuperators to pre-heat the combustion air
  • Ensures uniform properties of the heat-treated components
Continuous Tray Pusher Type Line For Hardening & Tempering Pusher Type Furnaces for Hardening & Tempering

Two Views Of Continuous Tray Pusher Type Line For Hardening & Tempering Of Automobile Forgings

ACE In-Line Harening Furnace & Quenching Station Industrial Furnaces
ACE In-Line Harening Furnace & Quenching Station For
Oil Country Tubes
Material being Quenched in the Furnaces

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